E-waste ; Hidden Treasure in Our Electronic Devices

E-waste is a growing problem around the world because it contains toxic substances and covers big areas. For example, a computer screen has the lead at the amount of 6% of its weight. Today, e-wastes are collected for recycling in some countries. These wastes can be used as raw materials when they are processed correctly.
After we say that e-waste is a problem for the environment and humankind we can learn what kind of devices can be e-waste when they are not used anymore. At the end of the post you are going to find out that e-waste is hidden treasure in our electronic devices. Let’s see the kinds of e-waste.
Processors: They contain gold, silver or palladium.

Keyboards: Plastic, rubber, cable, aluminum, iron can be recycled.

Scanners and Printers: They consist of products such as recyclable plastic, metal, glass, printed circuit board, socket and cable.

Magnetic Media: Register tapes, floppy drives, magnetic drum, the kernel memory and so on.

Cell Phones: Radios and cell phones are considered as the most important scraps because of precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, platinum. Gold is the most precious metal that used in producing mobile phones. The transmitter is made of diaphragm consisting of gold and other materials.
We write the most precious one at the end of the article, because we said before, you can find out now that e-waste is hidden treasure in our electronic devices.

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